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Visual rope inspection –

Semi-automated by camera system

Visual rope inspection today

Besides the manual visual rope inspectionperformed by our experienced staff, we offer a digital visual rope inspection based on theWinspect® rope inspection device↗.

With the help of this camera system, which was specially developed for ropes, the visual inspection of track, haul, support and guy ropes, which is required by law in many areas, is carried out with the support of software and is therefore efficient and reliable.

Your advantages:

  • Testing speed up to 3m/s
  • Low downtime of the plant
  • Personnel savings
  • Digital documentation of the rope condition
  • Analysis of diameter and lay length over the complete rope
  • Detailed report on the condition of the rope

Detection capabilities

Digital visual rope inspection can be used to detect a wide range of rope damage at an early stage:

  • external wire-breaks
  • External corrosion
  • Clamping areas
  • Scoring
  • notches
  • Lightning strikes
  • Damage to the corrosion protection coating

Visual rope inspection

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