Worldwide unique rope testing system for IMERYS Talc Austria

Worldwide unique rope testing system for IMERYS Talc Austria

Latest generation combination inspection device for IMERYS Talc Austria

IMERYS Talc Austria GmbH operates a two-cable material ropeway at its Rabenwald plant near Graz (Austria), where the ropes have to be inspected regularly in a non-destructive way. In order to avoid having to travel the entire route with people, ROTEC GmbH developed and produced a remote-controlled rope testing system with which all ropes of the cable car are tested both magnetically and visually in parallel. The visual rope testing device was developed by the company Winspect GmbH (Munich). The connection, pneumatic actuators as well as the magnetic rope testing device “U28”, which has induction coils as well as rope-embracing Hall sensor technology, was supplied by the company ROTEC.

At the beginning of October 2020 the complete rope testing system was delivered and commissioned on site. IMERYS Talc Austria GmbH is now able to inspect the track ropes and the hauling rope of their ropeway completely remote controlled. The control of the pneumatic actuators for the column crossing is done by radio remote control, the data transfer of the magnetic testing device and the Winspect® camera system via a Wi-Fi connection.


We would like to thank IMERYS Talc Austria GmbH for the confidence placed in us and the great cooperation. We wish you much fun & success with the new rope testing system.

Combi rope testing device camera + magnet for IMERYS Talc Austria