ROTEC invests in equipment park

ROTEC invests in equipment park

4K microscopy with KEYENCE VHX 7000 digital microscope

ROTEC GmbH invests in the field of analysis and damage assessment. In this context, a KEYENCE digital microscope of the latest generation (VHX 970 F) was put into operation at the turn of the year.

Optical shadow effect mode

With the new optical shadow effect mode, the smallest surface differences can now be visualized at low magnification and additionally provided with height colors. The high-resolution capture enables detailed observation.

3D measurements

A depth-of-field image is very simply assembled via the focus variation, which makes a 3D measurement possible. Even in the 3D display, analyses can be carried out as soon as the height colours are faded in. For a more detailed analysis the profile measurement or the roughness measurement can be used.